Friday, August 20, 2010

Cucumber Gimlets!

It's been a while! Since school ended, I've gone to New York, got hired and not hired at Pinkberry, danced at Faith Evans' CD release party at Compartes Chocolatier, back to New York again, spend the day in Santa Barbara, and been a lazy person at the beach! So thats why updating has been a little challenging....

Anyway, this week in Los Angeles has been the hottest this year and people are out everywhere! I have also noticed Happy Hours popping up everywhere. The Lobster in Santa Monica, Sor Tino in my very own Brentwood, and Martini Mondays! With Kevin's request for Cucumber as a featured ingredient (specifically not in a salad) I have decided make Cucumber Gimlets. The crisp cucmbers brigten the summer drink and leave you wiht someting crunchy! (Guilt free? hahah!)

Cucumbers are grown vinelike, with leaves that grow over the fruit. They're grown and can be eaten raw from the ground..after being washed! ;) In the US they are mostly grown in greenhouses' and in Europe, outside where they are are pollenated by bees.

They originate from India and have been cultivated in Western Asia and by the Romans for thousands of years. Roman Emperor Tiberius ate cucumbers throughout the year, due to his own greenhouse method of growing them. Romans also used cucumbers to heal scorpion bites, improve eye sight, and to scare away mice.

There are many types of cucumbers that range from size and taste. English Cucumbers are very large and almost seedless, commonly found in most supermarkets wrapped in plastic! Asian Cucumbers have darker green skins and are smaller and mild. Persian Cucumbers, my favorite; are crisp, small and seedless. All cucumbers can be prepared savory, and for a surprise to compliment something sweet! (Have you tried Watermelon Pinkberry with persian cucumber?? Delish!)

Ok! Drink time!!

Cucumber Gimlet

2 english cucumber
1 persian cucumber
4 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1 tablespoon simple syrup (boil equal amounts of water and sugar, let cool)
mint leaves
1/2 cup gin

Peel, and cut cucumbers. Use a juicer or food processor to make a puree. Strain puree so it is smooth, and clear.

Add gin, simple syrup, and lime juice to cucumber juice and stir.

In individual glasses, place mint leaves, and ice, and pour cucumber juice over it.

Take a yoga class or a run at the beach!

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  1. I love this, Caro. It's so well-described that I feel like I'm drinking this already and feel sooo refreshed!