Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Watermelon Man

Watermelon is so good!!!! Everyone has seen or eaten watermelon..(I think), it's big oval shape, and striking color contrast is recognizable from a distance. Watermelon is the perfect summer treat, decoration, and family favorite!

Watermelon is a plant and a fruit, because it is grown vine-like but is also a melon. Interesting!! Watermelon is originally from Southern Africa, where it is grown wild. Watermelons was the first fruit to be cultivated outside of its origin and grown in the Nile Valley, recorded as early as 2000 BC and later grown in China. Today, China is the largest growers of watermelon. As watermelon became popular around the world, it was introduced to North American Natives in the 1500's, who grew it along the Mississippi Valley. Today, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California are the largest watermelon growers in the United States.

Watermelon contains 6% sugar and 92% water and is a source of Vitamin C. Although the rind is not usually eaten, it is edible and contains many nutrients. In China, the rind is popularly eaten in stir fried dishes, stewed, and pickled. In Vietnamese culture, watermelon seeds are eaten for good luck on New Years. Watermelon is also Oklahoma State's official vegetable. From my research, I think everyone has seen or eaten a watermelon!

This recipe is suppose to be eaten as a snack, side dish for a breakfast, or an after dinner light dessert.

1 Full Watermelon, cut into large pieces, or small pieces (depends on what you like)
1/2 cup pistachios chopped
1/2 lime or lemon, whatever you like (lemon lime soda works too and its nice)

Cut watermelon and put onto a large serving platter removing extra juice. Add chopped pistachios and lemon or lime juice or lemon-lime soda and toss gently until watermelon is coated thoroughly with pistachios.

(By the way, sorry for the pause in posting. I don't understand computers.)

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